L&D Secrets from Tiffany & Co: Celebrations never go out of style

Following on from the Western Union advert and the talk about the value of images in your sessions in the last post, check out this image I saw near Bond Street underground station in Central London for Tiffany and Co.:

A simple, clean image which can act as a reference point from people from a variety of backgrounds and relationship status. Whether you are young or old, married, single or in a relationship, this will have meaning to you.

Added to this is a minimal amount of text, essentially 3 bullet points (one of which is a single word) acting as a signpost for the audience but not over burdening them with information and messages.

Think back to the last presentation or training session that you designed. Did it have instances like this where you were able to get this sort of reaction to such wide groups? If not, why not?

It’s not easy but finding a way slim down content for maximum informative and emotive impact, keeping it simple, sleek and on point is what will make for memorable and entertaining material.

Tiffany and Co have been doing it since 1837 – so why not you?

2 thoughts on “L&D Secrets from Tiffany & Co: Celebrations never go out of style

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