The 180 Second Blog Post: The Value of (Less) Language in Training

So often we might throw new concepts and theories out there in training and they might go over a delegates head. However, they will often will ask for clarification on elements of the process, if not the whole theory itself – I certainly remember that first time I heard the Ulrich’s HR model.

But throw in a few fancy words to impress your audience and you might have a bigger problem on your hand – no one understood but no one wants to embarass themselves by showing their vocab is not as wide as the teacher or, even worse, other members of the class.

So next time you present, put you ego and some of your vocab to one side. The aim is for the attendee to learn not for you to confirm that you have a pretty wide set of words to draw from.


One thought on “The 180 Second Blog Post: The Value of (Less) Language in Training

  1. Now I’m a fan of language, big time. It’s beautiful, it conveys emotions, conjures up pictures and helps us move on to greater things because we understand things better, deeper and truer. When we over complicate our language and use it in a pompous manner, we lose all the beauty and benefits. This blog does all the beautiful things, well done Patrick. Keep the language clean, sharp and focused for maximum impact. In L&D we can’t fall into the pompous trap. We should be the torch bearers for brilliant language. This quick blog sets that tone. Nice one. Now where might I next extend my useage and exposure of intricate vernacular musings…

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