The 180 Second Blog Post: 900 Followers will never match 1 conversation

We all want to build up our connections, whether it be on facebook or twitter, but what is the actual value of those ‘friendships’? In reality it is only reflected in the level of interaction – I have lots of family, but do not necessarily talk to them everyday, what does that say about the relatioships I have in place? Just I am closer to some than others.

The point is that we need to have conversations in order to leverage any value from those relationships, otherwise it is just pandering to your ego to try and build up follower or friends on platforms in either the real world or online.

So forget about worrying about having a certain amount of people within your group – just make sure that

UH OH – TIMES UP! So ends the latest 180 Second Blog Post – if you have any suggestions about how best to end that sentence I would love to hear them.

Happy holidays!


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