The 180 Second Blog Post: Activists beware – you need to be more like Vanilla Ice

Vanilla Ice Is Back!
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I would describe myself as a self confessed acitvist in terms of learning style and the way I work, but at times it bring its own problems.

On Friday I kepy making stupid decisions and no matter what I tried doing it just contiuned on and on – then I realised I was just ploughing ahead without thought.

So activists out there next time this happens to you be like Vanilla and:

Stop: What you are doing

Collaborate: Your tasks that you are working on and prioritise

Listen: To the results of taking the tasks on one step at a time and see if there are any further issues, rather than just crashing in to one thing after

UH-OH! Times up – so I have to leave you there. Hope you found it useful out there and if there are any acivists who think they have some other good solutions let me know – judging by last week I need all the help I can get!


One thought on “The 180 Second Blog Post: Activists beware – you need to be more like Vanilla Ice

  1. I feel you are being too harsh here really! Friday was not a disaster. You just had way too many things to handle, which ultimately is my fault!

    Furthermore I find that most activists (including myself) are motivated to not only start doing something but also by the positive reinforcement that by doing so they would ‘please’ others or be looked at/regarded more favourably. This is not a selfish trait, but rather one that makes people succeed.

    We do stuff because we want to progress, we want to help others and we want to get it right.

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