The Learner’s Log: Submissions now being accepted!

Following recent conversations I have been having on Twitter (shout out to @naturalgrump, @sarmason12, @StirTheSource and @martincouzins!) and in the real world (shout out to @naturalgrump again!) I have realised that there do not seem to be a list of blogs aimed at or written by L&D professionals.

Don’t get me wrong, lists are not the be all and end all – I have been known to go grocery shopping without them – but they can be handy when you just want to dip in to information or keep it to hand for a later date. If you type in to Google “Top 100 HR Blogs…” you get quite a few different results coming up, both in the UK and US, of either ranked lists or groupings of blogs that are worth reading. However, do the same when trying to get something L&D specific and it becomes a lot more difficult – we seemed to get lumped in to the same space as HR which is not necessarily a problem per say but it seems a bit random that we do not have our own space for this.

This being the case I am now looking to set up a list of other L&D blogs that you have read and found useful in your life as an L&D professional which I will be calling ‘The Learner’s Log’. Please note I am not looking to rank anyones content or sites – I am just looking to get everyone under one big tent in one place for each others benefit!

So if you have a blog that you regularly read or write which you think it of use, I would love to hear from you. Aside from a link to the blog itself a description of what it covers would also be useful so I can begin to group them under different headings for people to get there all the more quickly. For example, headings that spring to mind that I would find useful included ‘Coaching and Mentoring’, ‘Professional Development’, ‘Presenting and Facilitation Skills’ but I could be way off, I am willing to follow your lead on this.

If people feel a little uncomfortable putting a label on what they write then not to worry – just give me a quick fire sentence to describe about who you are and what you are looking to achieve from your blog so people will know whether or not they want to investigate your ramblings further.

WIth every bio/description I will include the link to your own blog, hopefully redirecting traffic you way – meaning the reader discovers some exciting new information and you get the opportunity write for a wider audience. Win win, non?

If you do think this is a good idea and would like to be included please email me at with ‘Learner’s Log Submission’ in the subject title and the information mentioned above including a hyperlink to the site (that works!). Alternatively whack a comment at the end of the post and I will include it in due course.

So there you have it! The Learner’s Log: because learning something new never gets old. 


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