Day 39: Breakthrough

The amazing Alison Chisnell has been hosting blogs all through advent and in to the new year, with new topics daily from HR and L&D bloggers at her HR Juggler blog.

Do yourself a favour and sign up for her updates – they are always insightful and thought provoking, from both the professional and personal perspective. In the meantime check out my contribution to the ‘calender’ with my take on reflections and resolutions – hope you enjoy! P.

The HR Juggler


Today’s post is written by Patrick Mullarkey, better known to many as @MentorMullarkey on Twitter and a fabulously nice bloke and excellent and insightful blogger. His take on the reflections and resolutions theme is below.


From a young age I had always been a little hesitant about New Year’s resolutions but find the older I get the more comfortable I am with them, and am definitely optimistic looking forward to 2013.

My previous reluctance was partly down to never seeming to be able to stick to any resolution during my ‘youth’. I would be buzzing with good intentions at the start of the year but, as winter turned in to spring, would find that my motivation seemed to melt away.

In part I think this is due to how the resolutions come about – it was the time of year that was prompting them, rather than some sort…

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