Training Zone Book Review: ‘How to Make Partner and Still Have a Life’

As some of you might be aware, the website Training Zone is discussed content on training, learning and professional development, and everything in between.

Aside from general industry discussions and information, it also has a section dedicated to book reviews that are of interest to those in the HR/L&D field, with a wide variety of topics and titles being covered each month.

This month I read and reviewed ‘How to Make Partner and Still Have a Life’ for the site well I saw this month, technically I started reading it in November and only have reviewed just now (please take this as a sign of my own inefficiency and not a criticism of the book!). The review shall be available on the site shortly, but for a preview here it is on mentoring Mullarkey – enjoy! Book

The first thing to say about ‘How to make…’ is that if you do not work in a law firm or professional services do not ignore this book – it has content that is very transferable to any individual looking to structure and plan their professional development and career management.

In some ways the title does the book an injustice – although it does provide an overview of the partner track within law firms, case studies and quotes from individuals within the industry, like any effective professional development materials it can transfer across expertise’s and roles.

It is important to note that having never applied to be a partner myself (what a surprise for someone working in L&D!) I cannot comment in too much depth on the effectiveness or value of the advice given from this perspective. However, it does seem to me to be very practical and straight forward guidance for those taking on entry-level roles within such industries which would be of use.

Where the book had real value for me was in providing very practical advice on career management/personal development, easy to pick up structures for leveraging value and knowledge from a professional network, advice and ideas on how to make sure of maintaining a positive work life balance, as well as suggestions on how to effectively manage and develop others within a team.

Although I would strongly recommend this book as a ‘must-read’ were I just entering the legal profession and wanted to map out career paths within it, it still has value to those outside of the field who are looking for some ideas to refresh their own and other professional development. Considering this, I would give it a mark of 8/10: well written, useful and practical – what’s not to like about that?


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