The Carnival of HR is coming to Mentoring Mullarkey!

Good morning/Afternoon/Evening all! Some exciting news – the biggest event of the summer will be arriving this July to a blog very near you. ‘Bigger than Murray’s win at Wimbledon?’ I hear you say – yup. ‘Bigger than the meltdowns we say on the interview stage of the Apprentice?‘ Totally, double yup there too. ‘Bigger than the moon landing?!’ Well, quite possibly.

I am talking about that great event of long, hot summers of the carnival coming to town. And there is only one carnival that you want to be a part of ladies and gents – the Carnival of HR!

For those who are new to it (or Carnie Newbies maybe?) check out this link for more details but in short it is the best blogs on HR, L&D and everything in between in one place – I told you it was big!

I am hosting the carnival on July 17th, with the theme being on career/personal development. With this in mind we are looking for blog posts focusing on:

  • The best or worst career advice you have ever been given
  • Why it was so effective/ineffective
  • If you had their time over again whether there is anything you would do differently
So be sure to get your posts to me via mullarkeypj at gmail dot com by Monday, July 15th.
Like any good HR event there are some rules to follow:
1. Please submit a recent (within 2 weeks) post of your own for consideration to the current host.
2. Once the Carnival goes live please help promote it via twitter, your blog, or what have you.
3. Check out the Carnival of HR site!! This not a “rule” per se, but it’s still a good idea.
So there it is. Your best and worst tales in career and personal development – view it as a big HR/L&D career counselling session. I will be plucking one of my many personal horror stories (I emphasise ‘personal’ as in I tend to be the recurring problem in many of my tales) but the success of any carnival is dependent on its customers, so I need to hear from you guys by July 15th.
Look forward to seeing you at the carnival next week!

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