The Carnival of HR!

Roll up, roll up ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls – carnival time is upon us once again! Not just any carnival but a Carnival of HR!

Welcome one and all to another Carnival of HR. Like any good carnival you are dependent on having fun and exciting acts – and I am pleased to report that this month does not disappoint, with a wide variety of posts from the US, UK and beyond.

With every Carnival of HR there is a theme and this month was no different (for details have a look here). However, we always welcome interesting and fun information that is of use to HR and L&D professionals alike, even if it goes slightly off topic. At the end of the day, if the jugglers want to do a spot of trapeze work or lion tamers want to walk the high wire and it still makes the carnival a worthwhile event, why turn it away?

So with this in mind I present to you a mix of posts about development, learning, professional advice and everything in between. I have also added my thoughts (last post at the bottom – seemed a bit unfair to put me top of the list!) and hope you enjoy those too. But without further ado, let the carnival commence! – Paul Smith

“I met Mister X in a bar in South Philadelphia…” and so begins a tale of Drama Queens Anonymous! A story of intrigue, pain and learning all in one place from Paul Smith – be sure to have a read here. – Julie Winkle Giulioni

Sick of worn out turns of phrase and standard pieces of career advice? Well so is Julie over at and she wants to do something about it! Check out her post with some suggestions of specific actions you can take instead. – Doug Shaw

A musical-HR type, Doug Shaw is talking about “failing” – well, it starts out as a story about a perceived failure but ends up actually being something of a personal triumph with some key points raised about facing our fears in order to move forward. He also has a very cool website title, so go check out what he has to say! – Ben Martinez

Who enjoys getting feedback? Be honest – if we know it is good feedback that is one thing but critical feedback is a different matter, though all the more crucial in terms of our development.

Ben Martinez talks about this in the context of his own blog, its audience and what he is going to do about it moving forward. Find out what he has in mind here – Ian Welsh

Ian has come at us with a post titled ‘Best Career Advice for the HR Professional!’ Yep you read that right, it’s the BEST advice for all HR peeps out there and do you know what? It is rather good! It talks about the value of being decisive and customising best practice – have I hooked you enough to read on? If so check it out here! Amit Bhagria

Amit has posed an interesting question for us to ponder in terms of all HR professional’s development: “What it takes for a HR head to become a top executive in an organisation”.

Wowzer. That is right – this could be a carnival in its own right! Amit has very kindly collected some thoughts to ponder which you can find here. – Andreea Hbab

HR is like many a good carnival act in some ways – for example, you might not be hired for being a juggler alone, but a juggler on a high wire? Now that might work!

Likewise in HR we need to talk not just with the heart, but with the head – which is a lot of what Andreea talks about over at Want to read about how to let the numbers do the talking, listening to smart people and giving effective consideration to what your business partners want to hear? Me too – let’s have a closer look here. – Mike Haberman

Ever wonder how and why bad habits are passed down through the business? Mike thinks supervisory training is crucial to avoid them becoming engrained in an organisation, with three key reasons why – check them out here.

Canadian HR Law – Stuart Rudner

Ever wanted to work in recruitment in Canada? Of course you have! Whether hiring or firing in this amazing country (shout out to ‘Beautiful British Columbia!), this is the blog for you – more info here! – Kevin Grossman

Ever wondered about how we can get nearer towards leadership development that benefits both the employer and wider employee group as a whole? That is what Kevin is talking about over at the Peoplefluent blog – so do yourself (and your organisation) a favour and have a look! – Patrick Mullarkey

And finally my good self – and what taking some advice for interview and having an accident with a jug of water taught me in the context of my professional development. It can be found right… here!

So there you have it – July 17th’s HR Carnival. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did putting it together, which was quite a lot! Be sure to share what you have learned and enjoyed via the tools of social media (twitter, linkedin etc) and I look forward to seeing you in whatever blog the next carnival rolls in to.


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