The August HR Carnival!

ROLL UP! ROLL UP! That right people the Carnival is in town -Carnival of HR that is!

For those not in the know, the HR Carnival is all about bringing together the best posts from the HR blogging community to share ideas, information and candy floss. Well maybe not the last one, but any carnival I think of has got to have candy floss in there somewhere, so there you go!

So without further ado lets get down to business – and down to some blogs!

Trish McFarlane – HR Ring Leader

What use is having an important message if you cannot get the attention of the people that matter in your business? What about if you think they dont want to listen in the first place?

Often the C-suite are the hardest to move forward – check out Trish’s post to see here three techniques on how to give direct feedback so this is no longer a problem for you!

Ian Welsh – Civilisation Simply Said

Change: Inevitable and yet so unpredictable – and HR and L&D are no less subject to it than the rest of the business! So what can HR and L&D teams do to plan and react to this and – more to the point – what will be a necessity for functions in the highest performing businesses to do?

Well wonder no more people! Ian Welsh paints a picture of the future of what the roles and responsibilities of the function will be – think L&D does 1984 but in a good way! Check out his post here.

Ben Eubanks – Upstart HR

Risk vs. Best Practice. Leading vs. Following. Superman vs. Batman!

Ok, that last one had no relevant to the other two but you have to expect some surprise acts in a carnival now and again! But back to what Ben Eubanks wants us to really talk about: namely differentiation.

How can we differentiate our HR/L&D practices to better meet the needs of the business? How and why should we be thinking about this as functions? What are the benefits of doing so? Ben discusses this and more not just in a post but in video/vlog on his site too – thats right you lucky, lucky people! You get to see one of the carnival’s bloggers as well as read their thoughts!

I toyed with the idea of doing the same with my blog but then I remembered that people came here for a carnival not a freak show! Anyways, go check out all the good stuff that Ben has to say here.

Sandrine Bardot – Compensation Insider

Mo money, mo problems – simple right?

WRONG! So much of our work in the HR function can be stressful, especially those touch points on ER, disiplinaries, investigations and so on, meaning we often view Reward/Compensation/Benefits as being a more softer area because it often has positive connotations attached to it.

However that is often not the case, as Sanrdine Bardot brings to life in her post where she takes us on a journey to the UAE and the unique challenges that are faced in this region in relation to reward and its consequences on motivation, retention and so on. Having worked on the region I would say this post is well worth a read – it is a not often spoken about topic but one which  we could all benefit from learning a little more on. Check out what Sanrdine’s take is on it here.

So there you go guys – your Carnival of HR for August! If these posts have whetted your appetite, why not subscribe to them as well? Hell, if you are feeling really enthusiastic, check out the listing for future events here!

Either way thanks again and see you soon for more posts/carnivals in the future!


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