The August HR Carnival!

ROLL UP! ROLL UP! Thats right people the Carnival is in town – Carnival of HR that is!

For those not in the know, the HR Carnival is all about bringing together the best posts from the HR blogging community to share ideas, information and candy floss. Well maybe not the last one, but any carnival I think of has got to have candy floss in there somewhere, so there you go!

One problem with any carnival is you never know who is going to be around when it rolls in to town – sometimes you might get a bumper turn out, with lots of visitors.  Other times people might be out of town hitting the beach (if you think you know what the HR equivalent of hitting the beach is please share your answers in the comments below).

With it being August, this months carnival is a bit lighter on posts – everyone is on that beach without me! – but we still have some great stuff to share with you.

So without further ado lets get down to business – and down to our two submissions!

Every employee policy you need to put in place ASAP

Alex Bea has been working on some great stuff over at the Allay Blog, including this post on every policy employer needs before they start the employer branding process – a must read, check it out here.

Women in Tech, ‘Firing Line’, and Naomi’s World

Naomi did a video interview recently about the barriers women face in getting to the very top roles in technology, both the history of such barriers and what we must do to remove them. Still (sadly) an issue in our world of work so hit pause on whatever it is you are watching on Netflix (House of Cards can wait!) and check out her blog and video here..

Then, just like that the carnival, much like summer goes in to Autumn (or ‘Fall’ depending on where you are reading this from), rolls on to another blog and another month. Want to find out where and when? Then check out the full listing here.

In the meantime thanks for your time and see you soon!



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