Why mentoring? And why Mullarkey?!
Second one is quick – that’s my surname and I was going for a play on words. Hope you enjoyed it.
But why mentoring? I was the beneficiary of an amazing mentoring partnership via the CIPD Mentoring scheme. It opened my eyes to the learning opportunities outside of my 9 to 5 and inspired me to launch this blog to see if I could put in to practice some of what I benefited from, as well as use it as a platform to share good ideas with other people.

So I am here as much as a ‘mentee’ in a learning capacity as the next person looking to build on their professional development– the only difference isthat I am posting on here to get things going but that is not to say you might have a better idea or solution than I do.

If so please share it and spread the wealth (of knowledge!).

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